A Perspective: What’s EMF Pollution and Why Do Should We Care? Lecture with Paul Harding

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What is EMF pollution and why should we care? 
Why should I care about radio frequencies in our immediate environment?
Man made electro magnetic frequencies pollution, also known as EMF, is a class 2b carcinogen.  Right up there with lead, asbestos and DDT.  it’s one of the biggest unknown health crises of this century.  It’s everywhere. 
 Here’s a presentation on how we might reduce it in our children’s immediate environment.
Electrical pollution brings about  electrical frequencies that our toxic to our bodies.  The results are serious health issues with long term exposure.
The health effects are just starting in our culture and kids are particularly vulnerable.  Altered behavior, impaired sleep, induced confusion, headaches, and much more.
 • American Academy of Environmental Medicine“Adverse health effects from RF radiation – learning disabilities, altered immune responses, and headaches –
are well documented in the scientific literature.
Schools that reduce dirty electricity report a drastic improvement in the focus and performance of teachers and students.
Please come and learn more on how to protect our kids and ourselves.
Lets help support a healthy environment in our school that Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork strives for every day.

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