Admissions & Enrollment

New parents inquiring about our school are encouraged to explore our website and attend our monthly “Walk Through the Grades, School Tour and Observation Morning” to familiarize themselves with the general philosophy and pedagogy of Waldorf education as well as the specific educational offerings at the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork. An inquiring parent is directed to speak with our Enrollment Coordinator who will navigate the family through the application and admissions process.

Once a family is ready to make a formal application, the Enrollment Coordinator receives the application with a $200.00 application fee for grades 1-8, and $100 for Preschool and Kindergarten.

Preschool and kindergarten applications are passed to the teachers when received, and the Kinderhaus teachers set a time with the family to both observe the child and converse with the parents. There is no formal visitation in the classroom nor assessments for the preschool and kindergarten children, yet teachers may meet with the parents at any point if they feel support is needed for the student to be successful in the classroom.

Upon receipt of an application for the grades, the family of a grades student is informed of the process, which includes an assessment administered by our Student Support teacher. The teacher contacts the family to set an interview and a 3-5 day class visitation for the student.  Grade students are admitted on a 6-week-trial basis. We encourage open dialogue between the family and school during this time to ensure successful integration into the classroom.

Re-enrollment begins after the first of the year.  At this time the family submits an enrollment contract along with a re-enrollment fee of $150.00 to secure a spot for their child/ren in the upcoming class. It is at this time that any families who have applied for the following fall are contacted and asked to confirm intentions for the up-coming school year.

If the class to which the applicant applied is full the applications are held until re-enrollment is closed, and then the applications are reviewed based on the date in which they were received. Priority is given first to siblings of currently enrolled students, secondly to those applying who have attended the WSRF parent and child program, and lastly by application date.