Governance Structure Overview

The Administrative Council serves as Head of School and has three members that oversee and are accountable for the three realms of school life: the pedagogy (Faculty Administrator), the business affairs (Business Administrator), and community building and development (Community Development Administrator). The Administrative Council is responsible for oversight and support for daily operations, including school programs, personnel, facilities, and resources, while effectively advancing strategic goals for school improvement. This decision-making body receives recommendations from the other bodies of the school as appropriate. The Board of Trustees oversees and is accountable for the Administrative Council.

The mission of the Board of Trustees is to ensure financial health and stability, legal compliance, physical plant integrity and creation/implementation of long-range strategic plans for the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork in a moral and ethical fashion according to the principles of Waldorf education. The Board Committees oversee the finances (Finance Committee), recruitment of new Board members (Trustee Development Committee), the Administrative Council (Administrative Council Oversight Committee) and the Community Development Administrator tasks (Development Committee). The Board of Trustees is accountable to the federal and state governments for legal and financial compliance issues, and to the entire Waldorf community for the fulfillment of its mission.

The focus of the staff is efficient running of the school operations. Reliable canadian pharmacy offer generic medications. Staff positions currently include: Enrollment Coordinator (overseen by the Community Development Administrator), Office Manager, Office Assistant, Director-Qualified Administrative Assistant, and bookkeeper as well as bus drivers and cleaning and maintenance staff. The Business Administrator oversees and is accountable for the staff.
The mission of the Parent Council is to serve, support and enhance the education of all children of the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork Valley and be the voice of the parent body as well as to help create a sense of community, to participate enthusiastically in school activities and to strive to become living models of the values held in Waldorf education.  The Parent Council is supported by the Community Development Administrator.