Early Childhood: Waldorf Parent & Child Programs


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Musical Mondays, Sweet Peas, and Peas & Carrots are the programs we have to serve our youngest families in our community. These programs are open to parents, grandparents, nannies and any caregiver that is raising a child from the ages of 0-3. Like a home that is built with thoughtful intention, quality materials, and the strongest of foundations, we recognize that our community is strongest and healthiest when we help to support, connect, educate and nourish the parents of our youngest children.


Our Musical Mondays program includes Musical Storytime Garden (ages 1-3 years old) and Singing Mommas Garden (ages 0-3 years old). Both programs offer parents a morning activity where they can be with their children and connect with other adults through music.  In a Musical Storytime, we celebrate the seasons through movement, song, verse and story as we sing, play, dance, and skip to traditional and original songs and verses accompanied by piano, flute, ukulele, kinderharp and more.  Over the course of the hour together, large, vigorous movements wind down to smaller movements, a brief rest, a simple story or nursery rhyme and finally end in a lullaby and blessing.  Singing Mommas is a new program that aims to create community through singing.  Adults will sing in a circle and learn simple songs of the seasons and more, beginning in unison and working towards rounds that create amazing harmonies.   Children will be given the space to play with simple, natural toys in the middle of the circle as the adults sing around them.  No musical experience is necessary.  Both programs begin with social time and a light snack of hot tea and wholesome, yummy “fairy muffins.”



The Sweet Peas program, for babes in utero and children 0-1 year, is a place to create community, share experiences, questions, and conversations around the joys and challenges of parenting. Discussions are guided around self care, child development, and principles of healthy parenting styles. Observation of the child’s movements and interactions is practiced.  Simple games, songs, and verses are offered to encourage gentle and appropriate interactions with the very young child.    Warm tea and homemade snack are provided as well as other nourishing treats for the body and soul.  Handwork opportunities with beautiful, natural materials offered when appropriate.


The goal of the Peas & Carrots program is to create community around the early years of parenting, and to provide parents and children ages 1-3 years old with a way to experience the rhythms of a morning in the Kinderhaus. This is an opportunity for children to become familiar with the Waldorf rhythm, activities and space while still in their parents’ presence.

Each week parents and children in the programs enjoy a movement circle, nutritious snack, story time and outside play time. Children and parents are also invited to participate in the domestic arts that are an integral part of daily life.   In addition, parents are given helpful articles intended to deepen their understanding of the developmental stages of early childhood. During the handwork time, there is an opportunity for discussion of these topics while the children play.   Observation of the child’s movements and interactions is practiced.   Families are also invited to play outside

For more information please contact Ms. Holly at holly@waldorfcarbondale.org

Click here for registration information To confirm your spot, please bring this form with payment to the office, email to rachael@waldorfschoolrf.org or fax to 963 1066