Open Positions for the 2017-2018 School Year:
  • Extra Lesson Teacher
  • Faculty Administrator
  • Front Office Administrative Assistant
See below for position descriptions.
How to apply for Teaching Positions
Please send a letter of interest, a brief biography, a resume, and names and contact information for three references to our Faculty Administrator, Frances Lewis at: frances@waldorfschoolrf.org
Faculty Administrator

The Opportunity:

The Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork is seeking a full-time Faculty Administrator to fill the position held by our long-standing colleague, who is leaving to join the faculty at Anitoch University. The position remains open until filled.

Guiding Principles:

The Faculty Administrator serves as part of the Administrative Council, the three-person leadership team that serves as the Head of School. The Administrative Council is responsible for oversight and support for daily operations, including school programs, personnel, facilities, and resources, while effectively advancing strategic goals for school improvement and development.

The Faculty Administrator oversees and coordinates all activities related to the pedagogical mission of the school. The focus is support of the Faculty and programs ensuring that the pedagogical principles of Waldorf education are being faithfully upheld and that the mission of the school is being fulfilled.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Training and experience as a Waldorf Teacher
  • A commitment to working out of Anthroposophy
  • Ability to give direction and foster collaboration in the Pedagogical Council and Faculty
  • Mature communication skills with a willingness to facilitate and encourage direct communication practices with colleagues and parents
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to work in consensus
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Competency in forming agendas, keeping track of decisions and upholding process in regards to policies and procedures
  • Takes initiative to serve
  • Ability to think ahead, self-manage, and be flexible
  • Ability to think systematically
  • Ability to ask questions for clarity

Desired Qualifications & Characteristics:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience working in consensus
  • Experience working with Restorative Justice practices
  • Good sense of humor
  • Composed under pressure and can work creatively in potentially challenging situations
  • Experienced with hiring, evaluating and mentoring employees
  • Skilled at working with many constituents and building consensus

Ideal Candidate:

  • Embodies the above and has extensive administrative or pedagogical experience in a Waldorf setting
  • Able and inspired to bring anthroposophical study to faculty and the wider community
  • Has a good sense of numbers and budgets to support realistic plans for schedules and hiring
  • Knowledge of Colorado rules and regulations, including early childhood centers
  • Ability to balance empathy for situations with a plan of action and what needs to transpire next in terms of a tangible and accessible direction
  • Skilled at uncovering the truth and striving in each and every person they encounter, taking the time to foster those gifts in people and lead them to a clear path of purpose and direction

Salary and Benefits:

The school offers a competitive salary and benefits package that includes medical, dental, and disability coverage, a retirement plan, and 100% tuition remission.

How to apply:

To apply for this position, please send a letter of interest, a brief biography, a resume, and names and contact information for three references to our search committee at: fasearch@waldorfschoolrf.org

Extra Lesson Teacher

The Extra Lesson Teacher will partner with our current Student Support Team members to form the Student Support Department. Duties listed below may be assigned based on workload and strengths of individuals in the department. The Extra Lesson Teacher works collaboratively with the faculty, administration and is part of an educational support team, which includes the Care Group. This individual is expected to perform the following functions:


Work with students


  • Work in a support role with the class teachers to assess individual students in need of extra learning support.
  • Design, implement, and report on educational plans for individual children.
  • Provide extra lesson support to individual or group of students.
  • Regularly assess and report on individual student support plans.
  • Assist in coordinating learning support schedule.
  • Refer students when appropriate for outside support such as Occupational Therapy


School wide Duties

Work in partnership on developing appropriate level assessments and school‐wide assessment schedule

  • Conduct and write reports for the first grade readiness and second grade assessments
  • Work in collaboration with the early childhood program
  • Conduct developmental drawing assessments and work with teacher to discern insights for them.
  • Conduct assessments for in‐coming students and transfer students.
  • Help teachers design and implement morning circle work or other activities to support physical development of the children.
  • Provide insight and support to teachers about how they may best work with students in need of extra support.
  • In conjunction with Pedagogical Director provide professional development to faculty.
  • Help develop handwriting curriculum and students’ proper pencil grip.
  • Provide insight and guidance to other teachers about how they might best work with students in need of extra support, as well as more general support in recognizing and understanding issues which may be hindering students.
  • Participate in Care Group meetings.
  • Participate in faculty meetings, including child studies.



Successful completion of three‐year program with Certificate from the Association for a Healing Education, or equivalent remedial training programWaldorf classroom teaching experience

Bachelor’s Degree from accredited college or university

Salary and Benefits:

The school offers a competitive salary and benefits package that includes medical, dental, and disability coverage, a retirement plan, and 100% tuition remission.

How to apply:

To apply for this position, please send a letter of interest, a brief biography, a resume, and names and contact information for three references to our search committee at: fasearch@waldorfschoolrf.org

How to Apply for the Above List TeaWeching/Assistant Position

Front Office Administrative Assistant 

Seeking a reliable, outgoing, caring professional to work in the office alongside our Office Manager.  This is a full-time, seasonal position beginning in August 2017 through the school year.  Must be proficient with computers and software, able to manage a fast work environment and multiple tasks, willing to become trained in school nursing including diabetes care.  This is an entry-level position, paid $18.00 hourly, and does not qualify for benefits.  Potential does exist for salary and benefits in subsequent years. See full job description here.

To apply, please send letter of interest and resume to larry@waldorfschoolrf.org

About Our School 

WSRF is a full-member AWSNA school located in the Rocky Mountains of Western Colorado close to Aspen. We are celebrating our twenty-fifth year with a supportive parent body and a caring faculty. Our teachers enjoy a balanced work load and a recent significant salary increase. Our school is set in a beautiful valley where the community enjoys a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities year-round.
Our school has two preschools, two kindergartens and grades one through eight with approximately 190 students. We have an on-site mentor to support teachers. Our specialty programs include eurythmy, handwork, movement, music, woodwork and Spanish. We also have a fine student support faculty offering sensory integration support, Anthroposophical art therapy, therapeutic eurythmy, speech and language services and academic tutoring.
Our campus is all straw bale construction and designed based upon Steiner’s architectural indications, providing a beautiful space for our faculty and children to thrive. Our faculty works cooperatively and collaboratively within a greater community that is progressive and has a small town feel while benefiting from the multi-faceted cultural opportunities of Aspen.
WSRF is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

About the Roaring Fork Valley (Aspen,BasaltCarbondaleGlenwood Springs and Snowmass Village):

  • World-class recreation and cultural activities
  • Four beautiful seasons with lots of sunshine
  • Surrounded by White River National Forest and BLM

About our school:

  • 13 acre eco-campus with wetlands and river access
  • Nationally recognized, anthroposophically-inspired strawbale buildings
  • Incredible performance facility
  • Strong community with active parent body
  • Commitment to independent rather than private schooling

About our faculty:

  • Cohesive and supportive
  • Gifted men and women that includes both very experienced and young faculty members
  • Trained subject teachers – eurythmy, Spanish, handwork, movement, practical arts
  • On-going mentoring and support for professional development
  • Committed to pedagogical and anthroposophical studies
  • Hard-working and growing