Mission, Philosophy, Core Values

Mission of the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork

To inspire the spirit of the child and elicit academic excellence through educational artistry.

Our vision is to educate children for intellectual ingenuity, moral character and global citizenship. Alongside Waldorf schools worldwide, we graduate lifelong learners who give purpose to their lives and communities.

Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork Philosophy

WSRF was born from the loving hearts and willful hands of parents seeking to better their community, nurture their own children, and further nourish cultural and worldly consciousness.  These founding parents were inspired by the principles of anthroposophy and Waldorf education.  From the inception of the idea of the school through the implementation of the first school in Aspen and, years later, the formation of the larger school in Carbondale, the intentions of creating a learning environment based upon Rudolf Steiner’s educational principles, along with open-mindedness, conscious action and loving thought, have continued to be foundational in the growth and maturation of the school community. It is from these intentions that the faculty and community continue to grow and learn.

The indications provided by Rudolf Steiner and countless subsequent Waldorf teachers and the guidance of anthroposophy focus the faculty’s work on the developing human being within the context of a spiritualized world. Waldorf education intends to strengthen a child’s inner capacities and individual gifts while providing the measurable skills necessary to fulfill one’s work within the world. It is through observation, love, contemplation, intentional work and artistic endeavors that the teachers of WSRF pursue the objective of offering a fulfilling, strengthening, artistic and academic Waldorf education to our students. As individuals, and as a full faculty, the teachers of WSRF create a foundational spiritual space within which children, parents and the full community may be nourished toward finding their best individual consciousness and offering their best individual contributions.

It is for many different reasons that each person in our community has become a supporter or participant in our school life and we are grateful for the diversity of thought and inspiration that brings each person to our community. With great love, acceptance and honor, we openly welcome families and children to our school who seek the nurturing environment and Waldorf education we offer.

WSRF is committed to maintaining a constant focus upon providing a quality Waldorf education to its community, while being reflective and aware of the changing demands of the world and the changing needs of children. With the fount of wisdom in Waldorf education as our basis, we strive to remain open to new ideas, new approaches and new aspects of guiding our students toward meeting the modern world with awareness and preparedness. We strive to offer quality educational opportunities to the parents of our students as well as to the greater community in order to continually share Rudolf Steiner’s insights on human development, spirituality and world views.

Within the cultural context of providing a nourishing learning environment, WSRF engages in conscious economic and business processes that support the mission of the school. We strive to maintain strong transparency within our community and operate under the guidelines of consensus decision-making while also utilizing collaborative leadership where it is more appropriate and efficient.

Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork Core Values 2012


• We are a Waldorf School who values the education of the whole child- head, hands, and heart.  We pursue deepening our understanding of childhood development and meeting the needs of young people within the context of Waldorf Education.

• The insights of Anthroposophy are the foundation of our work. Those insights inform modern human experience and we seek to nurture that within our community.

• We strive to bring a broad and deep curriculum while valuing talented teachers.

• We believe that movement, music, drama, and other forms of artistic expression nurture the healthy development of children.

• Our students experience the wonders of nature and are offered opportunities to interact with our incredible mountain ecosystem.


• We rely on gifts of time, talent, and treasure from our school community in order to serve ourstudents.

• We use these gifts to support the education of every student; allowing our school to be

independent rather than private.

• We value the magnificence of our physical environment and will model ecologically-soundbehavior in our choices about building, grounds, food, and resource use.


• We work intentionally and lovingly to balance form and freedom. We recognize the need for clarity of process, trust in decision-making bodies, and streamlining efforts. We embrace collaborative decision-making when appropriate while maintaining a consensus process as the basis of our work.

• We strive to listen deeply and have courage for the truth. We look for continuous improvement and are open to constructive comments leading to changes that serve our mission.

This Core Values statement was conceived in January 2012 with participation from parents, staff, faculty, board members and members of the administration.